Kensington Speculum Insertion

Kensington lies on her back so that we can insert the speculum inside her tight vagina. As we slowly insert the instrument into her pussy you get nice views of her well trimmed pussy. You also can see her face and her young firm breasts. Once the speculum is fully inserted in her pussy we open it and spread her pussy wide open. Then we move in close so that we can see inside her with clear views of her cervix and the walls of her vagina. Then we pull back so that you can see her spread legs with her pussy stretched wide open. Next we move around to get views from different angles. Then we move back in closer as we slowly remove the speculum. You get nice views of her pussy gripping the speculum as we remove it. After it is out, we get some close up views of her pussy so you can see how tight it is. Then we get her on her hands and knees doggy style and we insert the speculum again. You get nice views of her cute little asshole as we do the insertion. Then we move in close as we spread her tight vagina wide open again. We move back and get some side shots and some farther back so you can see how wide we have stretched her hole. You can see her nice young firm breast hanging down as we move in to take a look inside her. Then we get some nice inside views clearly showing her cervix. Next we pull back and get some other views from various angles. Finally, we slowly remove the speculum and then get some shots of her pussy without the speculum inside her.

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